Local Framing

Sorry, but we are now closed for business.

At Royall Framing we take pride in being able to respond quickly and effectively to the wide needs of our customers in the domestic marketplace.

Whether you are planning to present someone with a gift, need a keepsake framed or simply wish to have your favourite print framed, we can offer a solution.

In recent years we have gained a reputation not only for quality framing but for being somewhat of an expert in the difficult art of framing cross stitches, tapestries and needlework art. Quite recently the Royal College of Needlework even sent one of their employees to us for training.

One of our prime considerations when framing this type of work is our insistence that they are only stretched using the traditional "lacing method" rather than some of the other unsatisfacory methods (glue, masking tape, staples, double sided tape etc) that many other local framers in the area use.

In addition we are also experts in the framing of the unusual - be it a piece of icing sugar, a part of the Berlin wall, an international rugby cap or simply a signed cricket ball. Throughout this site you will find examples of work that we have done in the recent past.

Please remember that we are always willing to advise on any matter and have gained a reputation locally for giving honest and helpful advice.